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Permaculture and Sustainability

Suzanne Maxwell, an active Master Gardener volunteer since 2010, a team leader for Homescapes Solutions and chair of Placitas Community Library’s Landscape Committee, will speak about Permaculture and Sustainability at the Garden-ing with the Masters class at Meadowlark Senior Center in Rio Rancho On Tuesday, May 6 at 7:15pm. Suzanne defines permaculture as a philosophy for living, gardening, working with nature and growing food, that reflects care for people, care for the earth, and a reinvestment in our future by limiting our needs. Suzanne is…

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Growing Tomatoes

by Sam Thompson, SCMG and Mike Maurer, SCMG We can’t wait to harvest that first gorgeous ripe tomato of the season. Just picture the beautiful rich red tomato in your hand as you head for the kitchen to slice it up. Ok, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s go through a few things that will help make that mental image a reality. Selecting. There are thousands of tomato varieties. Cooking tomatoes are dense while fresh eating tomatoes have lots of liquid. You can save the…

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