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Jun 9, 2020 | Tips & Ideas

Contributed by Suzanne Bollenbach – SEMG 2018

Imagine pollinating your flowers and vegetables by hand. Whew! I don’t want to do that. I want the bees and other pollinators to continue to do their thing. The sad truth is that bees are on a sharp decline, the good news is we may be able to help.

Why do we care about bees, you ask? Here are some bee facts!

^ Bees account for 70-90% of all pollination.

^ Bees help keep food prices down. Just imagine the produce
section with about 70% less produce.
^ The old supply and demand dollars kicks in here.

^ Bees pollinate over 150 crops grown in the United States.

^ Honey, yes honey. Honeybees are not native, but we
benefit twice from them. I can’t imagine life
without my biscuits and honey!

Here’s how we can help. The World Bee Count organization has an app for you. This app is easy to use and will work on both Apple and Samsung phones. Just snap a photo with the app and submit the photo and your bee or bees are counted! It couldn’t be easier. I hope you have some bee attractors in your yard or on your daily walk, but if you don’t, here are more ways to help the bees.

  • Grow more flowers, flowering shrubs, and trees. This link provides more information about our New Mexico bee population and suggestions of native flowers to grow.
  • Leave patches of your yard to grow wild with plants like globe mallow and dandelions to provide other food sources and breeding places for butterflies and moths.
  • Cut grass less often. Remove the cuttings to allow wild plants to flower. Think of it as leaving it in a more natural state. This will give pollinators a place to feed and breed.
  • Don‘t disturb insect nests and hibernation spots. Leave some of your garden in its natural disarray in the fall. This will allow insects to nest in safety over the winter.
  • Don’t use or limit your use of pesticides especially where pollinators are active or nesting or where plants are in flower. Use pesticides only if absolutely necessary and always follow the label instructions.

Counting bees will help in the understanding of why there is such an astonishing decline in the bee population. Once you download the app, make sure to read more about this initiative on the app webpage. Download the app now and let’s get started!

Address for app                   Photo:  Michelle Reeves – Pexels

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