Board of Directors 2016 – 2017


Refer to the current SCMG Bylaws, Article IV- Board of Directors, for the list of board members and voting requirements at board meetings. Refer to current SCMG Job Descriptions for typical duties of the Board Members.

All board members are required to attend board meetings held once per month on the third Tuesday of the month. Board members are encouraged to participate in board meeting discussions. Board members should follow meeting protocols in obtaining and assigning the meeting floor, bringing a motion forward, debating the motion, bringing the motion to a vote, and participating in the vote. All Board members have the right to either vote or abstain depending on individual circumstances surrounding the business matter or issue.

2016 – 2017 Sandoval County Master Gardener Board of Directors

President, Barbara Dawson
Vice President, Julia Runyan
Treasurer, Johanna Johanson
Secretary, Laure Dreher
Immediate Past President, Sam Thompson
Sandoval County Extension Agent, Lynda Garvin
Board Members-At-Large, Judy Carter, Janet Blair, Michael Mauer, Gailen Zody, Tom Neiman, Marian Matthews, Polly Garner