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2019 Sandoval County Fair – Congratulations SCMG Winners

High Point – Best of Show – Winners Booth Thank You Loren Meinz, David Pojmann and Ben Wakashige for representing Sandoval County Master Gardeners at the 2019 Sandoval County Fair. Loren Meinz 1st Place – Gala apples 1st Place – Scallions 1st Place – Yellow Crookneck Squash David Pojmann 1st Place – Garlic 1st Place – Apricots 1st Place – Coronado Gold Tomatoes Ben Wakashige 1st Place Purple Dahlia Best of Show – Purple Dahlia People’s Choice – Purple Dahlia High Point – Floriculture 1st…

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Sandoval County Fair Results – Master Gardener Winners

CONGRATULATIONS! 1st Place – Blue Ribbon Beefmaster Tomato                                   David Pojmann (SCMG Since 2013) Hybrid Winter Squash Largest           David Pojman Gala Apples                                                    Loren Meinz (SCMG Since 2007) Thompson Seedless Grapes                Otto Stangl (SCMG Since 2002 – Life Member) Mare Moore Cucumbers                       Penny Davis (SCMG Since 2007) Summer Marrow Zuchinni                   Penny Davis 2nd Place – Red Ribbon Heatmaster Tomatoes                                    Penny Davis Goliath Tomatoes                                              David Pojman Beefmaster (Green) Largest Tomato …

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