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Simple seedling waterer

Watering Seeds and Seedlings

Have you ever washed out the seeds you were trying to get to germinate by applying too much water?  Have you ever used a mister to avoid washing out seedlings, only to discover that they dried up due to lack of soil moisture? That has happened to me on too many occasions, so I decided to look for a way to apply the right amount of water on my seeds and seedlings and discovered a very economical way to do it. I drilled holes of…

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Shovels 101

By Dudley Vines Shovels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can pay as much as you like for a shovel.  First of all, do you want a short handle or a long handle?  According to True Temper®, short handles allow more precise digging in small spaces or in raised beds, while long handles are the standard, versatile choice and are especially useful when you need more leverage. After you decide on a long or a short handle, should that handle be…

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HOMEscape Solutions (. . . another SCMG class that really works!!)

By Charlene Spiegel I took my first HOMEscape Solutions class in the spring of 2010.  I had just moved from California to Rio Rancho the year before and I wanted to create some sort of landscape out of the never ending sand dunes that made up my ½ acre property, which was located high on the mesa just west of Unser Blvd and suffered greatly from the constant winds and blowing sand. The class made a believer out of me! Not ever having been much…

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Pumpkins grown in compost

Compost and Curcubits

by David Pojmann Several years ago, I read an article about growing cucurbits in a compost pile. I finally decided to try the concept in 2016. My compost pile consisted mainly of leaves and various plants from the garden. I had started it in the fall and decided to use the compost in June. After sorting and screening the compost, I found that there were some spots that did not have enough water and had not fully decayed. I made a new pile of that…

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Winter Gardening Tasks

Winter Garden Chores

Winter Garden Chores By Dudley Vines Winter is a slow time for gardeners. Many folks enjoy looking through nursery catalogs and planning next year’s garden. Winter is also a good time to clean, sharpen, oil, and otherwise maintain your garden tools. And hopefully, you’re enjoying some of your produce from last year, if you canned or froze it. Did you know that the Extension Service offers free classes and facilities for canning? Educational bulletins are available on the and here’s the canning center website.…

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Seed2Need – 2014 Lessons Learned, Part II

By Penny Davis, SCMG In Part I, we discussed several problems encountered by Seed2Need over the past five years.  This month, we will discuss one other major problem – blossom end rot – and then we will talk about a few things that have worked well – tomato cages, row cover and plastic mulch. Blossom End Rot:  Every year, Seed2Need has a problem with blossom end rot (BER) at the beginning of the season.  Usually, this problem disappears after the first fruit set but in…

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Fall Colors in the RIo Rancho WaterWise Demonstration Garden

Fall is a great time to visit the Rio Rancho WaterWise Demonstration Garden.  Not only is it a place to take a a stroll through one of our beautiful parks, it is truly a working  demonstration garden,  showcasing the best plants for our local climate and soil.  See how these native plants and trees will look at maturity and get ideas for your own WaterWise Garden. More info on the WW Garden here

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