Refer to current SCMG Job Descriptions for typical duties of the Committee.

Committee members are SCMG volunteers that serve critical communication and support functions for the organization. Committee chairs are encouraged to attend board meetings as needed and provide periodic reports to the Board of Directors. Committee Chairs are not members of the board and therefore do not vote at board meetings. Committee chairs and members interface with the SCMG Board of Directors to help run the organization.

If you are interested in any committee position please view the job descriptions here.

2014 Sandoval County Master Gardener Committees and Chairs:
Annual Meeting, Julia Runyan
Audit, Jamie Gardner
Newsletter Editor, Dudley Vines
Social Media Editor, Kathy Carr
Recording Secretary, Julia Runyan
Web Master, Scott Lake
Education, Sam Thompson, co-chair Sheila Conneen
Fund Raising, Gretchen Neiman
Governance, David Pojman
Historian, Mike Stoy
Library, Sheila Conneen
Membership, Seeking Chair (contact Sam Thompson)
Nominating, Nancy Bresenham
Publicity, John Zarola and JoAnn Beuerle
Refreshment, Donna Popp and Tari Thorton