Master Composter Training Course plus other classes are on the schedule!

For those interested in becoming Master Composters, training will be held April 11 to May 5. Please see Master Composter Volunteer Training Course for an application, schedule, and other details.

On February 24, you’re invited to spend an afternoon learning how to make compost tea. Cost is $10. See
Compost Tea and Extracts Workshop for details.

And mark April 22 on your calendar for an Intermediate Hands-On Composting workshop. More details will be posted to our website soon.

Winter is a good time to learn more about composting. We are here to help. Please feel free to attend any of our many free classes as often as you like. If you would like to make your own compost bin, large or small, please check out Homemade Compost Bins for the Desert. Some are quite simple to make. If you are interested in using a tumbler bin, see Tips for Using Composting tumbler Bins in the Desert. If you have a composting question, ask the experts at

You are welcome to visit our compost operations:

Bernalillo Master Composters do active composting at the following locations. If you’d like to visit any of the sites and observe the composting operation, send email to

Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters