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Apr 18, 2021 | Information, Movie of the Month

KISS THE GROUND came out in 2020. Rather than the typical gloom and doom prophecy of the end of the world due to climate change this film offers a candid review of what’s not working today, as well as what has caused the ‘legacy load’ and on-going climate damage. The film’s solution to global warming is both simple and effective as supported by demonstrations and interviews with experts around the world who are using it, today, and making a huge impact on ‘desertification’.

Anyone who has tried to chart a new course for a group knows “simple” is not the same as easy. The ideal solution will be to change people’s minds and hearts from the way ‘things have always been done’ to a new model that can restore health to people, the ground and the planet. Whenever I watch documentaries about any sort of global situation, I am alert to recommended actions. Kiss the Ground has a balanced approach that includes voting with our pocketbook for what kind of farming system we support. The second logical step is to find something that we can grow in our own backyard and grow it.

Kiss The Ground is available on Netflix.

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