Corrales Elementary School Garden

Project Description:

The Corrales Elementary Gardening Program (Corrales Elementary School, 200 Target Road, Corrales, NM) works with two 5th-grade classes to bring gardening aCorrales Elementary Schoolctivities into the classroom. During the fall semester, activities include collecting & studying seeds, botanical drawing, planting bulbs and fall vegetables in our garden, and making green smoothies from our fall harvest. In the spring, seeds are planted in the classroom, and then transplanted into our garden beds. Students also learn about insects, weather, soil, composting, botany, water conservation, and much more. We celebrate with a final harvest in May.


Volunteers collaborate, and share the responsibility for preparing and presenting activities to the students. Each class is divided into smaller groups, which rotate through the activities each week. Our goal is to provide a ratio of one adult to four students, so that students have the support they need to fully participate in the hands-on activities that are offered. Volunteers include SCMG, as well as former teachers from the community.

Project Meeting Time:

Tuesday, 9:30 to 12:30, from September thru November and January thru May.

Contact Chair: Judy Jacobs