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Project Description: Hotline horticulture questions come in by personal, phone or email referral contact to the County Extension Office and Agent.   Hotline message requests and phone calls are transferred to the SCMG “Casita” Office, which is manned by Sandoval County Master Gardener volunteers during the growing season.   Sandoval County Master Gardener volunteers answer the phone, talk with the client to obtain their contact information and field questions related to county residential horticulture, gardening and landscaping issues. The Master Gardener takes the question, exchanges information with the client, and provides advice to the phone client during the Hotline shift.   The need for horticulture research may require the Master Gardener to call or email the client back later with the results. The client contact information and a synopsis of the horticulture request and suggested solution are recorded in the Hotline notebook at the time of volunteer service.  This information is reviewed by the Agent and the Hotline SCMG Project Chair. The yearly Hotline summary report is completed by the Project Chair and shared with the Agent, the other SCMG Hotline-like Project Chair(s), and NMSU.

The Hotline Volunteer is trained in the SCMG Hotline Protocol.   The protocol document is available in the Hotline Notebook that is stored on the “Casita” desk.   Hotline volunteers should contact the Agent and other Master Gardener specialists to provide further information to the client or a need for a Home Visit. In all cases the necessary communication should be managed by the Hotline Master Gardener volunteer.

The SCMG Hotline volunteer service helps to inform and educate the residents of the county on their horticulture issues. Hotline Master Gardener and Intern volunteers benefit from the opportunity to help county residential clients by reinforcing their own diverse knowledge of horticulture issues.

Volunteers: Sandoval County Master Gardener Veterans and Interns volunteer for the Hotline project through the County Extension Service (CES) office.   Volunteer time is reserved by the Hotline Calendar.   Master Gardeners and Interns may schedule by visiting the Office and choosing dates and times, or by requesting dates and times via email or phone through the Extension Administrative Assistant. Interns should be paired with a Master Gardener volunteer for their first Hotline volunteer sessions for purposes of training and feedback.

Project Meeting Time and Location:   The SCMG Hotline is in session from mid- March through mid-October Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Hotline volunteers work in the Sandoval County Master Gardener “Casita” Office, located in back of the Old County Courthouse, 711 Camino del Pueblo in Bernalillo New Mexico.   The “Casita” is located adjacent to the Sandoval County Extension Service Office exterior entrance.     The “Casita” office has access to the CES extension phone, computer, and horticultural reference books and materials.

Project Chair:     2015 SCMG Project Chair TBD

Contact:   County Extension Office (505) 867-2582;

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