Member Roster and SCMG Forms

The information on this page is for member use only. Please do not disseminate any of the information here without the permission of the Sandoval County Master Gardeners board of directors. Downloadable forms and documentation follow the descriptive information.

Member Roster
SCMG Member Address and Phone information. The member roster should not be distributed to anyone outside the SCMG organization.

SCMG Roster

New Mexico State University Master Gardener Volunteer Agreement
Your initials and signature on this Volunteer Agreement provide recognition that you understand and accept the roles and responsibilities of NMSU, the Master Gardener Program and you as a volunteering participant in the program.
Master Gardener Program Volunteer Agreement

SCMG Volunteer Hours

Forms used to track and calculate volunteer hours. View the Policy document here for information about volunteer hour requirements.   View and download the time category list  here. Use the list to categorize your time.

Downloadable paper time sheet to aid in calculating your time (ignore dates).

Downloadable Excel time sheet to aid in calculating your time. (This is just a tool for the convenience of those who wish to use it and the drop down lists of activities may not be accurate.)
SCMG Timesheet (2017 – 2018)
SCMG Timesheet (2018 – 2019)

The link below should ONLY be used if you did not receive and reply to the annual request for volunteer hours email from Survey Monkey.

2018 Volunteer Time Reporting

New Project Submittal
Every year a few of our creative Master Gardeners develop and initiate new projects. Some of our most popular and beneficial projects started as the idea of one of our volunteers. Do you have an idea for a new Master Gardener Project? We welcome all ideas that will help us continue to serve the public. All projects must be Board Approved in order to qualify for SCMG Volunteer hours. Please fill out the New Project Submittal Form (below) and submit it to the Board for approval. Don’t be shy!
New Project Submittal Form

Attendance Sheet
Project Chairpersons can print attendance sheet for use at SCMG events and programs involving master gardener volunteers. Attendance sheets help to track volunteer hours for auditing purposes and are an important factor in determining SCMG volunteer hours and community impact for County reports.
Attendance Sheet Explanation Letter 
Attendance Sheet

Outreach Table Tracking Sheet
You can tally numbers in the boxes under the heading (Example – llll with a diagonal line through them for 5) and list the actual questions on the right side. We want to track questions during each month and develop a resource guide for most asked questions. You can also use this sheet to track the number of people. Those that  don’t sign in using the attendance sheet. This way you can record a more accurate number of people asking questions.
Outreach Table Tracking Sheet

SCMG Reimbursement
Form to submit when requesting reimbursement for APPROVED expenses. The PDF form can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you plan to mail it in the digital signature is not needed. A hand written one will do.
Check Request Form

Budget Request
This form should be used to request a budget for a project (new or old) or to submit changes to a project budget that has already been approved. All budget requests must be approved by the SCMG Board.
Budget Request Form

Photo Release
Release that will allow Master Gardeners use of images of individuals in our communications.
Photo Release Form

Home Visit
Home Visit Form to be filled out after a Home Visit and copies to be submitted to the Agent and the Home Visits Chair.
Home Visit Form 2013 – 2014

Waiver of Liability for NMSU & SCMG Sponsored Activities
Waiver of Liability form for Sandoval County Master Gardeners and Volunteers.
Waiver of Liability Form for NMSU & SCMG Sponsored Activities

Master Gardener Project Summary Report
This form is used to report the project activities from the prior year.
Master Gardener Project Summary Report Form – MS Word
Master Gardener Project Summary Report Form – PDF

Hotline Log Sheet and Tracking Sheet
Forms used to enter Hotline caller questions and the response to the call.
Hotline Log Sheet
Hotline Question Tracking Sheet