Save Some Seeds

Save some seed for Sandoval County Seed Library

Many of you know that SCMG has a Seed Library project at Esther Bone Memorial Library in Rio Rancho. Well, I’ll bet you didn’t know that we also have a second location at Loma Colorado Main Library. That’s because we didn’t advertise this Seed Library’s late season opening. But, it’s time you know.

Within the first month of operation, the Sandoval County Seed Library at Loma Colorado Library had 23 members. They “borrowed” all herb and flower seed and many of the vegetable varieties have been emptied. That is all good news and as it should be. But, we’ll need fresh seed for next year, since we know from experience that not all who “borrow” seed return seed.

Now is the time of year we reach out for help in acquiring seed from our community garden centers, friends, and you, our fellow Master Gardeners. Would you please consider donating a portion of your favorite open-pollinated (non-hybrid) vegetable, herb and flower seed to the Sandoval County Seed Library? Having regionally grown seed that is adapted to our climate is a great gift to the Seed Li­brary.

In time, and with education, we hope to have many Seed Library members become consistent seed savers who share a portion of their seed with the Seed Library to help make it self-sustaining. Until then, we need your help.

Seed Donation boxes are located at the Esther Bone and Loma Colorado Libraries. Just fill out a Seed Donation form and attached to your envelope or container.

Learn more about our Seed Protocol and how to donate seed at Sandoval County Seed Library.