Southwest Plant of the Month -Hummingbird trumpet – Zauschneria californica var. latifolia

Apr 17, 2021 | Plant of the Month

General Information

Plant Form


Plant Size

2′ x 3′

Plant Type


Water Usage



Sun, Partial Shade


Orange, Red

 Physical Description:  Low growing mass of erect to arching leafy stems with gray-green foliage and bright red-orange tubular flowers in late summer and fall. Spreads by root rhizomes.

Care and Maintenance:  Frost sensitive, dying to ground in winter but returns from hardy roots. Removal of dead stems required. Needs sun, periodic irrigation to avoid ragged look.

Gardener’s Notes:  Prolific blooming plant that attracts hummingbirds. Prefers poor, rocky soil. Good in, around and under boulders and in rock gardens. Also known as Z. arizonica. Found from New Mexico across to California and Mexico.

Information from NMSU Southwest Yard and Garden Plant Advisor

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