SurveyMonkey Opt-In Help
This page provides instructions of the process to opt-into receiving emails from SCMG uses this site for things like annual volunteer hour reporting, voting for officers, intern class signup, etc. Therefore, all SCMG members need to be able to receive email from SurveyMonkey.

A few SCMG members are marked as having opted-out of receiving these emails. So we are asking you to opt-into receiving emails from our SCMG SurveyMonkey account. Federal anti-spam laws require that cannot send you emails via SurveyMonkey if your email address is marked as ‘opted-out’.

Click here to opt-into the SCMG SurveyMonkey email list.

Also, make sure that the SurveyMonkey email address is marked as an allowed

Here is a brief tutorial of the opt-in process:

Step 1:  When you click on the link, the unblock email screen will open. Enter your email address and click on the “UNBLOCK EMAIL ADDRESS” button.

Step 2:  Then a screen will open telling you to go to your email account and confirm the opt-in request.

Step 3:  In your email account, open the email from SurveyMonkey and click on the “CONFIRM” button to complete the opt-in process.

Step 4:  When you click on the “CONFIRM” button, you will be taken to this screen that informs you that you are successfully opted into receiving emails from SurveyMonkey.

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