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2021 Training Application

The mission of the Sandoval Extension Master Gardener Program is to provide trained volunteers to assist the Sandoval County Cooperative Extension Service in providing county residents with the most current science-based horticulture information and practices available. The program trains volunteers to educate and inform members of their communities about appropriate, sustainable, and environmentally friendly gardening techniques.

The challenges created by Covid19 means there are a number of unknowns associated with the 2021 Training Program.  Since the nature of the training will be different, the cost of the program will be determined when the schedule is finalized.  In addition, the beginning date for training and meeting days/times will be announced at a later date.  The size of the training class is limited but there will be a waiting list.  There will be a waiting list as well.  By submitting this application you are holding your place in the class or on the waiting list but you are not obligated to join once the details are known.

Questions? Call (505) 328-6650.


The Sandoval Extension Master Gardener program has gone green! Access to the Internet is necessary. Access to computers and the internet is available at the Master Gardener Office and local libraries.

Please visit our website at: http://sandovalmastergardeners.org.

If accepted into the Sandoval Extension Master Gardener Program:

  • I agree to attend an orientation meeting, all training classes (3 absences allowed with makeup quiz), and pass all quizzes (you can retake quizzes twice to pass).
  • I agree to volunteer and record a minimum of forty (40) hours to the Sandoval County Extension Master Gardener Program by September 30th, 2021 and each subsequent year of participation.
  • I agree to use my Master Gardener name tag, certificate and/or title only when providing approved volunteer service and not when working in a paid capacity or at any other time
  • I agree to follow the policies and procedures of the New Mexico State University and Sandoval County Master Gardener Program as summarized in the SCMG Handbook: http://sandovalmastergardeners.org/wpcontent/uploads/2014/02/scmg-2012-handbook1.pdf

Notice: No refunds on class fees once classes begin.

I understand that applications are screened to select the best candidates to assist with Sandoval County community gardening and horticulture education. Reasons for not being selected will not be disclosed. First priority is given to residents of Sandoval County. If selected for the program, I understand that I serve at the request of the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension and that the request can be withdrawn at any time.


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