Vine to Bottle, Growing Grapes in New Mexico

At Botanic Garden Heritage Farm
2601 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque NM, 87104

February 9, combined session: Grape Propagation and Grafting / Varieties and Rootstocks

Grape Propagation and Grafting: Why and How
Grapevines have been propagated with cuttings and grafting since antiquity. This session will introduce you to this ancient artto easily propagate grapes from hardwood cuttings. Learn how to recognize, collect, store and prepare dormant hardwood cuttings of table and wine grapes. Learn the proper tools and techniques to accomplish traditional grafting. All procedures willbe demonstrated and workshop participants will have the opportunity to practice “hands-on” grafting techniques with several different grape varieties. Please bring a pair of sharp hand-pruners.

Varieties and Rootstocks
There are over 5,000 varieties of wine grapes available worldwide, the correct varietal choice is crucial for vineyard success. Learn which varieties are proven performers in New Mexico’s unique climate and soils. Explore lesser known varieties of grapes that are likely to succeed whether you are interested in table, wine, juice or raisin grapes. Learn why and how to selecta rootstock to improve grapevine production.

March 9: Pruning
While is it not essential to prune a grapevine for it to thrive… pruning IS the one cultural activity that can vastly improve fruit production and quality year after year. Learn not only when and how to prune your grapevines, but why. Pruning/training of young and mature vines will be discussed. Several training and trellising schemes and configurations thatease and facilitate production will be presented. Proper tool selection and maintenance will be covered, and participants will have an opportunity to practice some “hands-on” pruning skills. Bring your own hand-pruners if you have them. All will be revealed.

April 13: Trellising & Training/ Canopy Management
Training a grapevine, the right way the first time is essential to prevent redundant and unnecessary work later in the life of your grapevines. This session will introduce principles and practices that provide the best chance of success.Ifyou are the owner of a wayward or unruly grapevine… not to worry! We will discuss and demonstrate how to get those vines “back on track”. Why, when and where to pull leaves, thin shoots and provide shade during the growing season in order to maximize fruit quality, whether for table, wine or juice grapes, will be presented.

May 11: Water Requirements & Irrigation
Water is essential to life… and to your grapevines! Learn how and when to efficiently water your vines. We will discuss the unique physiology of grapevines that allows them to thrive here in New Mexico. Different methods of irrigation will be presented with emphasis on drip irrigation. The effects of water quantity and quality on grapevines and plants in general will be discussed. You will learn how to assess your vines water status, in other words determine, ‘how thirsty’ are your vines are at any given time during the year.

June 8: Grape Ripening
When is it time to pick? Sounds simple… and it is, IF you know what you want from your grapes and what grapevine signs and ques to look for. The grape is a berry, and has its own cycle of development over the course of the growing season. This cycle will be presented as well as how to determine grape maturity with simple in-field assessments will be demonstrated. The impact and measurement of sugar, acidity, color and pH will be demonstrated, as well as what you the grower can do in the vineyard to improve and enhance your juice, win or table grape quality.

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