Have a passion for indoor plants? Are you looking to have the opportunity to work indoors? Well, this project is for you.

We have been asked to continue to help with the Sandoval County Administrative building with their indoor plant watering.

We will have approximately three times per month available for 1 Master Gardener. You will receive 2 hours for each slot which will count towards Community Outreach. Sign up will be through the end of the year. We are looking for one Master Gardener per slot working with senior volunteers when possible. The building is open from 8:00 to 5:00. Please select the time that is best for you on the days allotted. 

You will have the use of a cart with a watering can and some basic tools. Please remove dead leaves and keep an eye on the health of the plants.

If you cannot fulfill your watering shift, please call or email the relief waterer and let that person know. If you cannot contact the relief waterer, please call Eydie Francis (505) 977-3009.

DIRECTIONS TO LOCATION: When you arrive at the county admin building, go into the single-story building left of it and ask the receptionist for Melissa McCrary. She is our contact with Senior Services. In the admin building take the elevator closest to the front entrance to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator and turn left. You will see the offices of Community Services to your immediate left. Enter, and you will see a door to the solarium to your right. The watering cart is in there. Remember to log your date and time in the binder on the cart.

Sign up below...

WateringJuly 1, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
Relief WatererJuly 1, 2021#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
WateringJuly 15, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererJuly 15, 2021#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
WateringJuly 26, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererJuly 26, 2021#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
WateringAugust 6, 2021#1: Anne Tellez
Relief WatererAugust 6, 2021#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
WateringAugust 17, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererAugust 17, 2021#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
WateringAugust 27, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererAugust 27, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
WateringSeptember 8, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
Relief WatererSeptember 8, 2021#1: Janet Weber
WateringSeptember 17, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererSeptember 17, 2021#1: Sharon Schultz
WateringSeptember 27, 2021#1: Janet Weber
Relief WatererSeptember 27, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
WateringOctober 8, 2021#1: Anne Tellez
Relief WatererOctober 8, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
WateringOctober 19, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererOctober 19, 2021#1: Pam Knutsen
WateringOctober 29, 2021#1: Janet Weber
Relief WatererOctober 29, 2021#1: Pam Knutsen
WateringNovember 9, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
Relief WatererNovember 9, 2021#1: Pam Knutsen
WateringNovember 19, 2021#1: Michelle Wittie
Relief WatererNovember 19, 2021#1: Pam Knutsen
WateringNovember 30, 2021#1: Anne Tellez
Relief WatererNovember 30, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
WateringDecember 10, 2021#1: Anne Tellez
Relief WatererDecember 10, 2021#1: Mike Hanna
WateringDecember 21, 2021#1: Pam Knutsen
Relief WatererDecember 21, 2021#1: Mo Mulligan
WateringDecember 31, 2021#1: Pam Knutsen
Relief WatererDecember 31, 2021#1: Mo Mulligan