Project display template – with option for photo and video display



The “[Insert Your Project’s Name]” Project – What does your project do?  How is it helpful? Any special accomplishments? Remember the purpose of this is to spark interest in potential volunteers.

Keep in mind: your primary audience is interns trying to pick a project — think about what interested you in the project and how it spoke to you as a master gardener.

Seed package

Special Info?

Anything else not covered by the description that might spark interest for potential volunteers

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Project Location

Your Project Location – full address
This will help potential volunteers understand where they would be driving to and the time commitment/logistics.

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How Volunteers Spend their Time

  • Tasks?
  • Special Events?
  • Routine activities?


Volunteer Schedule

Dates, times, months, weeks, if known.

Contact Us


Use this for Contact email and/or phone

Each PROJECT will have its own web page. 
Recap:  Please include specific information so we can present your project(s) in a user friendly, standardized format to help potential volunteers decide.

  1. Name of garden / project
  2. Goal / purpose of garden / project
  3. Location
  4. Expectations and duties: What kinds of jobs would a SEMG volunteer expect to do?
  5. What are some of the rewards and skills that volunteers ‘get’ from or at this project / garden?
  6. Video/photos:  A video would include a (short!) story of what you’ve learned and/or why you love volunteering at the garden/project. How does this garden/project accomplishes the mission of SEMGs.
  7. The filename of the video should be the project name; i.e., yourprojectname.mp4; The filename is the name that will display when the video is playing.