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Gardening With The Masters In-Person Returns!

Gardening with the Masters is a long standing public education effort of the Sandoval Extension Master Gardeners.

Upcoming, in-person classes are held at Loma Colorado Library the 4th Monday of each month. The class runs from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm (the library closes at 8pm). We encourage you to join us in person, so your individual questions get answered. These classes are not recorded. 

New Gardening With the Masters classes will be announced in our Events Calendar as they are created.

Past videos can be viewed on YouTube

Previous Topics (with video) – 2022

Michelle Wittie – SEMG Master Gardeners
January 28, 2022

She spoke about what to know before purchasing a plant and how to care for the plant.

Houseplants – YouTube Video

Growing Vegetables from Seed and in Containers
Jim Peters – SEMG Master Gardeners
February 25, 2022

Jim Peters, whose vegetable garden was featured in the 2021 Placitas Garden Tour, will share his vegetable growing expertise.  Jim has been an avid fresh vegetable eater and grower since his youth.  When he first moved to New Mexico he was in a rental property but continued his love of fresh produce by growing his vegetables in containers.  After purchasing a home in Placitas he expanded his vegetable growing in containers and found unique approaches to adapting to the challenges of high altitude and high winds.

Growing Vegetables from Seed and in Containers – YouTube Video
Recommendations from the Jim Peters Talk

Alternative Gardening Techniques
March 25, 2022

Three Sandoval Master Gardeners will discuss the alternative gardening techniques they use to grow vegetables.  Presenters will talk about benefits and disadvantages of the various techniques as well as tips for getting started with an alternative gardening technique in your vegetable garden.

Cathryne Richards will discuss her experience with growing vegetables in strawbales.  Cathryne is a Lifetime Master Gardener who grows in Placitas.

Kevin Konetzni is an accomplished vegetable gardener who grows in raised beds in Rio Rancho.  Kevin became a Sandoval Master Gardener in 2020.

John Zarola, Albuquerque Master Composter and Sandoval Extension Master Gardener since 2008, will discuss No-Till Gardening.

Alternative Gardening Techniques – Youtube Video

Learn about Landscape Design
Teresa Harner is the owner & designer at Harner Studios Landscape Design and a Sandoval County Master Gardener
April 21, 2022

Teresa Harner is the owner & designer at Harner Studios Landscape Design and a Sandoval County Master Gardener. She will guide you on your way to creating a garden that lures you through the gate and keeps you moving through the landscape. Learn the basics of analyzing your site, developing design concepts, creating a planting composition and much more in order to give your garden a cohesive look.

Learn about Landscape Design – Youtube Video

What Works – A Roundtable Discussion
April 22, 2022

Roundtable discussion of approaches to tackling common, difficult vegetable garden problems like squash bugs and curly top virus.

What Works – A Roundtable Discussion – Youtube Video

Previous Topics – 2021

Watering Healthy Trees
Richard Perce – Irrigation Efficiency Specialist – Conservation, Water Resources Division Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority.
June 23, 2021

Richard walks you through understanding the main components that determine your watering choices.  How much?  When?  & Where?  We also look at specifics concerning conifers and fruit trees, as well as selecting the best watering option for your specific site.

Watering Healthy Trees — 45:26
Watering Healthy Trees slides
Watering Healthy Trees resources
“Water Right Now to Save Trees” information sheet

Doing More with Less
Julie Valdez – Water Use and Conservation Bureau Chief – NM State Engineer Office
June 9, 2021

This presentation provides tips on how to maintain a beautiful landscape during a drought.  Then learn how to use existing tools designed towards the wise use of water for a healthy, water conserving landscape.

Doing More with Less – 48:41Doing More with Less slides
Doing More with Less resources

Bosque Tree Health
Matthew Peterson – Albuquerque Biopark’s Botanic Garden & Heritage Farm Manager
May 26, 2021

Matthew discusses the effects of drought on bosque tree health and what management agencies are doing in regards to invasive species control and the subsequent habitat restoration efforts to support the silvery minnow and SW Willow flycatcher in the Middle Rio Grande.

Bosque Tree Health – 42:37
Bosque Tree Health slides
Bosque Tree Health Resources

Companion Plants for your Vegetable Garden
Bernalillo County Extension Agent Sara Moran
May 12, 2021

Explore the fascinating world of plant relationships and ways you can improve your vegetable garden with companion plants.

Companion Plants for your Vegetable Garden – 36:45
Companion Plants for your Vegetable Garden slides
Companion Plants for your Vegetable Garden resources

Tree and Shrub Protective Maintenance in Preparation of the Drought
Sandoval Extension Master Gardener Sandra Liakus
April 30, 2021

Drought is stressful for your trees and shrubs and can make them susceptible to a variety of insect predation and disease.  Learn strategies to protect both trees and shrubs in this presentation.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance in Drought Conditions – 2:16:41
Tree and Shrub Maintenance in Drought Conditions Slides
Tree and Shrub Maintenance in Drought Conditions Resources

Raised Bed Gardening
Sandoval Extension Master Gardener Kevin Konetzni
April 20, 2021

A major advantage of raised bed gardening is the ability to extend your growing season.  If you have poor soil conditions, raised beds allow for better control.  And of course, raised beds can save a lot of wear and tear on the back.

Raised Bed Gardening – 34:18
Raised Bed Gardening slides

Growing Tomatoes in the Desert Southwest
Sandoval Extension Master Gardener Sam Thompson
April 13, 2021

The challenges facing the tomato grower in the desert southwest include heat, intense wind, high UVs, low fertility and a variety of pests and disease.  Discouraged?  You don’t need to be because there are helpful strategies that can allow you to grow tasty tomatoes in your backyard..

Growing Tomatoes in the Desert SW – 1:10:15
Growing Tomatoes in the Desert SW Slides
Growing Tomatoes in the Desert SW handout

Management of Common Garden Pests
Valencia County Extension Interim Director Lynda Garvin
April 6, 2021

Aphids on your roses?  Concerned about those giant huge worms that devour your tomato plants?  Join us to learn what you can do to keep your garden plants healthy this season.

Management of Common Garden Pests — 58:52
Management of Common Garden Pest Slides, Part 1 and Part 2

Home Composting Basics
Bernalillo County Master Composter John Zarola
March 31, 2021

Learn the basics of composting as a way to improve and enrich your garden soil.

Home Composting Basics — 1:14:51
Home Composting Basics Slides
Home Composting Basics Resources

Roses in the Desert
Sandoval Extension Master Gardener Kate Shadock
March 17, 2021

NM has both unique advantages and challenges for roses, even if you have successfully grown them elsewhere. This presentation is geared to help you understand selection, planting, and care of your roses.

Roses in the Desert Video — 1:09:20
Roses in the Desert slides
Roses Reference Sheet

Seed Starting
Sandoval Extension Lifetime Master Gardener Judy Jacobs
March 3, 2021

Starting plants from seed is a great way to add diversity to your garden and save money doing it.  The lecture will cover seed starting equipment and resources, the process of growing seedlings indoors, and how to acclimatize them to the outdoors.

Starting Seeds Video – Updated in 2022
Starting Seeds slides Part 1 and Part 2
Judy Jacobs’ Seed Envelope Label PDF and spreadsheet

Amending Desert Garden Soil
Master Composter John Zarola
February 23, 2021

Desert climate impacts desert soil characteristics.  Knowing your soil leads to activities which improve its fertility.  Maneuvers and suggestions will be discussed to augment desert soil fertility.

Amending Desert Garden Soil Video 1:33:44
Amending Desert Garden Soil Slides Part 1 and Part 2
Amending Desert Garden Soil Considerations handout

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