2020 Impact – Sandoval Master Gardeners at Work

Nov 11, 2020 | Information

The COVID pandemic impacted everyone’s plans for 2020, even Sandoval Extension Master Gardeners (SEMG). Despite the restrictions Master Gardeners stayed focused on supporting our communities.

In the middle of the annual Master Gardener training, due to the COVID quarantine we quickly shifted gears from live in person class trainings to remote video training classes with virtual support for the students from their mentors and teachers. 27 new Master Gardeners graduated the program.

Master Gardeners normally the county through several different outreach opportunities. Some of those activities, such as Plant Clinics and Farm2Table demonstrations were postponed for the year. Our demonstration and donation gardens resumed activity following NMDOH rules for social distancing and face masks.

As a response to the COVID restrictions, in 2020 Master Gardeners were encouraged, but not required,  to submit their annual volunteer hours. The 83 members who did report their hours contributed over 5, 349 hours, valued at $145,493 – equal to three full-time staff positions. Those volunteers delivered 14 in-person and two virtual gardening classes with 1,530 participants. Via school programs and community events they also reached over 1,582 youths.

SEMG volunteers grew and donated 30,769 pounds of fresh produce to 17 local food pantries and the RoadRunner regional foodbank. That amount of produce equaled 2, 566 meals with a market value of $52,429.

For more information about the impact of Sandoval Extension Master Gardeners, read or print out the annual impact statements below.
Impact Statement SEMG 2020
Food Security Sandoval Extension Master Gardeners