Moth Invasion May 2020

May 20, 2020 | Plant Pests

From Dr. Amanda Skidmore, IPM Specialist


Most of the moths we are seeing are Noctuidae, possibly cut worm species. These moths are making the news in the ABQ area. It looks like Jason Schaller (ABQ BioPark entomologist) is on top of it. The weather conditions are perfect for them right now, and the greater Albuquerque area has seen ‘outbreaks’ of these moths pretty regularly over the years. Their larva (army and cutworms) damage young plants. The adults are more active at night because there is higher humidity, and will be hiding in sheltered areas during the day. The best advice is to keep them out of the house. Check that there are no holes in your screens and turn off outdoor lights that are near entry ways.


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