Placitas Wildflower Walk – Field Trip

May 14, 2024 | Classes and Workshops, Experiences, Information, Plant Pests

by Brandt Magic

Sharon Walsh, Master Gardener and Botanist, recently led a Wildflower Walk in the Placitas Open Space. 16 Master Gardener interns and veterans were there. This is the second year for this successful event.

Participants observed and learned to identify native plants including One-seed Juniper, Tree Cholla, Thicksepal Crypthantha, Fendler’s Hedghog Cactus, Mormon Tea, Fendler’s Bladderpod, Indian Parsley and many others. Many experimented with plant identification phone apps including iNaturalist. Others compared flowering plants observed to a species checklist for the area provided by Sharon.

The weather held with thunderstorms passing after the walk ended.

Placitas Wildflower Walk

Placitas Wildflower Walk

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