Annual SEMG Plant Sale and Fundraiser.  We will be selling  tomato plants and pepper plants. We will also have herbs parsley, oregano, basil, catnip, and we will have flowers zinnias, coreopsis alyssum. All volunteers should wear their Master Gardener badges or logo clothing, if possible. Volunteers should bring a hat, water, and sunscreen.  We need people to help with Public Outreach and sales from 8:30 am to noon.  Please bring your own chairs. Some volunteers will act as cashiers and some will be sorting plants and helping buyers.



Michelle Whittie and Ginger Golden


Sunday, April 30th,

8:30 am to noon


Corrales Growers Market, 500 Jones Rd, Corrales, NM 87048


Lost or late call Ginger at (505) 463-5264


It is a good idea to bring some cash because Corrales Growers’ Market is an interesting place with a lot of good stuff for sale. We will email you more details after sign-up.

For questions email: semgvolunteers@gmail.com

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Public Outreach 8:30am - noonApril 30, 2023#1: Mary Vesely
#3: Suzeth Bond
#4: Judi Townsend
#5: Stephani Dingreville
#6: Jennifer Martinez
#7: Beth Livingston-Hakes
#8: Diana Schultz
#9: John Karris
#10: Susan Becker
#11: Sam Thompson
#12: Sam Thompson