Museum of Southwestern Biology at UNM – Interns Only

The Museum of Southwestern Biology, Division of Arthropods at UNM
The Museum of Southwestern Biology, Division of Arthropods is a world-class study collection of insects, spiders, centipedes, scorpions and other arthropods with a focus on the American Southwest. The collection consists of actual pinned specimens that can be viewed up close (see photo). It exists to support the UNM biology department.
David Lightfoot, PhD – Senior Collection Manager and one of the co-authors of A Field Guide to the Middle Rio Grande Bosque. He is a leading expert on arthropods in NM.
Miranda Kersten, MS – Program Manager at the NMSU Agricultural Science Center in Los Lunas and the instructor for our Canvas module on Beneficial Insects.
Friday, February 17
Two Sections, up to ten (10) participants each:
CERIA Building on the UNM Campus at the Northeast side of the Yale Fountain (see map). Parking is available at the Cornell Parking Structure for $1.50/hour. Free 2-hour parking is available on Silver Avenue east of Harvard Drive.
We will meet in front of the CERIA building at 10am or 11am. This is a locked facility. We will be escorted in when our group arrives so please be on-time.
Call Brandt Magic 505-985-2087 for access if you are running late.
Masking encouraged but not required.
Note – if there are available slots after the interns have signed up, mentors will be able to sign up.


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10AM - 11AMFebruary 17, 2023#1: Tina Noval
#2: Carleen Santos
#3: Frank Bendall
#4: Ray Iturralde
#5: Penny Lindgren
#6: Karen Scharf
#7: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#8: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#9: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#10: (empty) - sign-ups closed
11AM - 12PMFebruary 17, 2023#1: Maureen Kelly
#2: Saul Wiesel
#3: Beth Livingston-Hakes
#4: MaryAnn Mundy
#5: Linda Castrone
#6: Dawn Foster
#7: Kevin Konetzni
#8: Michelle Wittie
#9: Sandra Liakus
#10: Beverly Tones