Seed2Need Seed Starting

UPDATE! We still have 4 slots open during the Saturday afternoon session (1p-3p) that we need to fill. All SEMG are welcome to join us!

Please join us for our second Seed2Need seed starting work session of the year. On Saturday, March 11th we’ll be starting seeds for our warm-season vegetables – tomatoes and green chile. We will be holding two work sessions that day. We’re targeting this years intern class first, but definitely need to fill all 20 spots. Hope to see you at the greenhouse!

Work sessions: Saturday, March 11th: 10am-12pm, and 1pm-3pm

What to bring: Gloves, snacks, and water. Please note that it will be humid in the greenhouse.

Location: At the greenhouse one lot east of 109 Stella Ln., Corrales, NM

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please see the ‘Get Involved’ section on our website or follow us on Facebook.


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Seed Starting 10am - 12pmMarch 11, 2023#1: Erich Decker-Hoppen
#2: Pam Knutsen
#3: Ron Barela
#4: Beth Trujillo
#5: Kristin Browning-Mezel
#6: Sharon Schultz
#7: Frank Bendall
#8: Lisa Grover
#9: antwanette hailey
#10: Stephani Dingreville
Seed Starting 1pm - 3pmMarch 11, 2023#1: Cheryl Gatner
#2: Saul Wiesel
#3: Maureen Kelly
#4: Tracey Salazar
#5: Tina Noval
#6: MaryAnn Mundy
#7: Dolores Valtirra
#8: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#9: (empty) - sign-ups closed
#10: (empty) - sign-ups closed