Southwest Plant of the Month – Fragrant Ash – Fraxinus cuspidata

Dec 22, 2021 | Plant of the Month

General Information

Plant Form Tree Plant Size 15′ x 15′
Plant Type Perennial/Deciduous Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun, Partial Shade Flowers White

Physical Description:  Usually multi-trunked, small tree with rounded crown of light green leaves, yellowing in fall. Creamy-white, very showy, fragrant flowers appear in graceful drooping clusters followed by typical winged seeds.

Care and Maintenance:  Some pruning may be required to ensure good tree form.

Gardener’s Notes:  The only ash tree with conspicuous flowers. Excellent drought tolerant small tree. Limited but deep irrigation in hot months will be rewarded with full foliage and flowering. Native from west Texas, across New Mexico to Arizona and into Mexico.

Plant information from Southwest Yard & Garden Plant Advisor.