Southwest Plant of the Month – Moss Verbena – Glandularia pulchella (Verbena tenuisecta)

Jun 9, 2020 | Plant of the Month

General Information

Plant Form Ground Cover Plant Size 1′ x 4′
Plant Type Deciduous Water Usage Medium
Sunlight Sun Colors Purple

Physical Description:  Finely divided, dark green foliage on thin, spreading stems that can root at nodes to form a thick, ground-hugging mat. Bright purple to lavender flower clusters are produced profusely in successive waves all spring to fall.

Care and Maintenance:  May go dormant in high heat. Mow in winter. Needs limited but regular supplemental irrigation to remain green and to flower well. Overwatering decreases flowering. May winter-kill but reseeds.

Gardener’s notes  Well adapted South American perennial that provides a soft, lacey, colorful ground cover in sunny locations. Mixes well with grasses.

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