You Might Be a Gardener If …

Nov 29, 2022 | Information, Tips & Ideas

Plant iconYou Might Be A Gardener If…


  • You’ve been known to use pretty much anything as a planter – a leaky birdbath, a hollowed out rock…
  • You’ve given sections of your yard their own names (as if you are running your own personal arboretum); the Woodland Garden, The Cacti Garden, The Peninsula Gardens.
  • You have more seed packets than actual vegetables in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator
  • You’d rather buy perennials than clothes
  • You believe the best kinds of plants originate in a friend’s garden
  • You obsess about rain predictions and actual rainfall more than your average farmer
  • You’ve learned to give yourself gardening grace. You realize that it’s OK to pull up a plant that you’ve coddled for five years and to move something three time before you find the right spot
  • You have some sort of compost operation set up in your yard. (Even if you haven’t yet figured out how to produce actual compost.)
  • You know the difference between mulch and compost and how best to use each and know where to buy the best local ones
  • “Help with digging” is one of your love languages
  • The way you work your flower beds or vegetable garden reminds you of the children’s book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
  • You save and swap seeds with neighbors and friends
  • You fantasize about seeing friendly critters in the garden
    Garden Critter

    Garden Critter

With thanks to Lois Flowers and others