Beneficial Insect of the Month – Damsel or nabbed bugs – (Family: Nabidae)

May 20, 2019 | Beneficial of the Month

The nabids or damsel bugs are a uniform dull brown color (both as adults and nymphs) and are longer and more slender than big-eyed bugs (approximately 9-10 mm long). They are common in both farm and garden habitats, and are good ‘generalist’ predators, tackling a variety of prey. They overwinter in the adult stage in cracks and crevices in the soil or in leaf litter.

Beneficial of the Month material courtesy of NMSU ACES:
Pocket Guide to the Beneficial Insects of New Mexico

Reminder:  Look up the insect before you take steps to eradicate it. This spring, a neighbor had over 200 eggs on branches in her yard. She asked before she sprayed. They are Lady Bugs – a desirable predator in the garden