Watering Seeds and Seedlings

Jul 2, 2017 | Experiences, Growing Tips, Projects

Have you ever washed out the seeds you were trying to get to germinate by applying too much water?  Have you ever used a mister to avoid washing out seedlings, only to discover that they dried up due to lack of soil moisture? That has happened to me on too many occasions, so I decided to look for a way to apply the right amount of water on my seeds and seedlings and discovered a very economical way to do it.

I drilled holes of various numbers and sizes in orange juice bottle lids and got no cost watering devices. Water can be applied to delicate plants by using a lid with tiny holes and squeezing the bottle gently. As the plants grow, you can switch to larger holes and squeeze a bit harder. I found that a lid with two holes is ideal for watering multi-packs. All you have to do is move the bottle lengthwise while squeezing, and you can apply water quickly to both sides of the pack.

Little water is wasted with that method, and there is not much water to clean up. If you don’t own a drill, the holes can be made with a hot nail or pin, or a nail can be driven through the lid with a hammer by laying the cap on a scrap board flat side down.

by David Pojmann